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Rising Basketball Star, Baye Fall, Joins Denver Prep Academy

Denver, CO ­– Denver Prep Academy, one of the top private schools in Colorado, is proud to announce that Baye Fall will be joining its team for the upcoming school year.

World-Class Prospect Excited to Join One of the Top Prep Academies in Colorado

Baye Fall, who is entering his junior year, is widely regarded as one of the top players in the nation. Ranked as the 4th top prospect for the 2023 class and the 20th top prospect among all classes by ESPN, Baye Fall is a remarkably talented individual. The Senegalese center helped lead his current team to Colorado’s Class 3A state championships, earned MVP and Player of the Year honors in Colorado, and was recently named co-MVP at the Pangos All-American Camp in Las Vegas.

Now Baye will be leading the Denver Prep Academy team as they compete in the Grind Session circuit, an elite group of other prep academies from across the United States and Canada. The Grind Session is a crucible where talented players can further refine their talents and truly shine. In its seven years of operating, the circuit has produced around 1,800 college-level players and 124 professional athletes. In fact, Grind Session alumni made up 20% of the first-round NBA draft picks.

It’s an ideal place to play for Baye, who has already received numerous scholarship offers from colleges and universities. These include Georgetown, Texas A&M, Georgia, Minnesota, Arizona, Illinois, Memphis, Kansas, and Baylor. Other colleges interested in Baye Fall include Arizona State, Marquette, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida State, Colorado, LSU, and Maryland.

“He’s a special talent for sure,” said Raymond Valdez of Denver Prep Academy. “I’ve got a ton of respect for Baye, his professionalism, his approach to the game, his love of the game. He’ll, without a doubt, do some incredible things for us this upcoming year.”

When asked about his future basketball career and transferring from Lutheran High School to Denver Prep Academy, Baye Fall had this to say:

“I’m so excited for this great opportunity, and thankful to my family, coaches and teammates for all their love and support. The academics at Lutheran are top notch and my basketball Coach Bill Brandsma has been a great teacher and developer, but at this time in my career I decided that playing against the best in America will assist me in reaching my ultimate goal of playing in the NBA. That being said, there’s definitely a long road ahead of me, but this is the next step in achieving my dream. I haven’t been in America very long, but I’m working harder and harder every day since I first started playing basketball. I’m eager to bring my game to Denver Prep Academy and show everyone what I’m about.”

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Denver Prep Academy – Where Academics and Athletics Collaborate

By joining Denver Prep Academy, Baye Fall will be a part of an institution that emphasizes both athletics and academics. According to DPA, these programs work together to provide students with a world-class educational experience. While in class, students learn to think critically, and while training with expert coaches, they apply that critical thinking.

“At Denver Prep Academy, athletics and academics are not in competition with one another – they work together,” said Domonic Martinez, one of the co-founders of DPA. “I’m excited that Baye Fall and other talented players will get to experience our student-focused approach to education.

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