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Our Arena

Our Arena: Where Practice Makes Perfect

Skills must be sharpened somewhere. Talent needs a place where it can grow. Young athletes need a quality facility that empowers them to become the best. Denver Prep Academy is proud to have just such a place, a gymnasium where our teams train under coaches who are committed to both individual and group development.

That gymnasium is the Oxi Fresh Arena. This 10,000 square foot gym is the perfect place for our student-athletes to become expert players. “Drills, practices, one-on-one training, games—the Oxi Fresh Arena is an ideal facility for Denver Prep Academy,” said Head Coach Ray Valdez, “We couldn’t be happier with it.”

OxiFresh Arena
OxiFresh Arena

The Oxi Fresh Arena

But you may be asking yourself, “Why is it called the Oxi Fresh Arena?” Because one of Denver Prep Academy’s founders, Jonathan Barnett, believed so strongly in what DPA has to offer young people that he purchased a local gymnasium.

“Through the ROADS philosophy, dedicated coaches, and innovative teachers, our preparatory academy in Colorado can change lives,” said Mr. Barnett, “And so my company, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, bought a local gym that’s now the centerpoint of our campus. I can’t wait to see DPA shape the future!”

This isn’t Mr. Barnett’s nor his company’s first initiative designed to help others. They’re proud sponsors of, a nonprofit that seeks to end the global water crisis that affects hundreds of millions around the world. “We all have a duty to make our world a better place,” said Mr. Barnett, “Through, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning helps the global community. Through DPA and the Oxi Fresh Arena, we’re helping Colorado.”

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About Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

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