DPA empowers student-athletes through expert training, innovative teaching, and an atmosphere of advancement.

Welcome to Denver Prep Academy (DPA)

Are you a parent looking for a premier educational experience for your child driven by rigorous instruction and responsive instructional practices? Are you a student-athlete searching for a school that will help you excel on and off the court? Then Denver Prep Academy is the school for you. We provide a unique experience to meet the needs of emerging leaders, both academically and athletically.

At Denver Prep Academy, athletics and academics are not in a zero-sum game, with each vying for resources and time. Instead, they complement one another. Through our innovative teaching strategies, championship-winning coaches and trainers, and a commitment to inspiring achievement in our students, DPA empowers students to realize their immense potential.

Denver Prep Academy – A Premier Athletic Institution

Raw talent, speed, and power are all important, but a player’s natural ability must be refined and focused. At DPA, an NCAA-approved institution (High School Code 852525), we guide athletes to greater and greater heights through our rigorous, professional program. From strength and endurance training to one-on-one coaching to membership in the elite Grind Session circuit, DPA athletes are given every advantage they need.

While we push hard at our Colorado school, we also always keep the student’s health and wellbeing in mind. From nutritional courses to mentoring to team building, we help our athletes strengthen themselves physically, mentally, and socially.

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A Prep Academy with Innovative Education

Denver Prep Academy prides itself on our academic program. With a talented, creative, and focused teaching staff, students will not merely learn about history, the English language, science, and mathematics – they’ll discover why they’re fascinating subjects worth studying.

Our teachers are innovators, using creative educational strategies, tutoring, and mentoring to help students succeed. Students can also expect classes and programs about important social justice matters ­– diversity is essential to who we are at DPA.

Growing Together at Denver Prep Academy

We aren’t just a private school in Denver. DPA is here to transform the lives of our students. From our coaches to our teachers to our administrative staff, everyone at DPA wants to inspire achievement in our students. By inspiring achievement rather than merely teaching or coaching, our student-athletes develop the drive and focus they need to succeed in life.

DPA inspires this drive for achievement by building ROADS with and for our students. We develop strong, positive Relationships. We coach them on how to best Overcome Adversity in life. We encourage their Ambitions and help them refine their goals. DPA embraces Diversity of background and perspective. Last but not least, we Serve our students while also showing them the value of serving their community.

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